Just a year after the ‘provocative’ statement of “Then we won’t listen to you either”, what did Kapil Mishra say now?

Date 23 February 2020. BJP leader Kapil Mishra tweeted a video. In this, he was standing at a traffic light in Maujpur area of ​​Delhi. Ved Prakash Surya, DCP (North-East) of Delhi Police stood next to him. Kapil Mishra addressed the rally in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). After this, in the form of threatening the police, they said that they should remove the people who are protesting against CAA, otherwise they (Kapil Mishra and his supporters) will not listen to Delhi Police either. There was a lot of ruckus on his statement. On the very next day i.e. 24 February 2020, riots broke out in this area.

A year passed for this incident. Day 22 February 2021. Place, Constitution Club of Delhi. Here Kapil Mishra came to participate in a ceremony. And asked to do the work on 23 February 2020 again.

Kapil Mishra said,

“Today has been a year, so I want to say this again. Whatever I did last year on 23 February, I will do it again if needed. “

Kapil Mishra stood with the authors of a book called “Delhi Writes: The Untold Story”. This book has been co-written by Waqil Monika Arora of Supreme Court, Sonali Chitalkar, Assistant Professor at Miranda House and Prerna Malhotra, teacher at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi University. The book was first planned by Bluesbury. The card of the unveiling ceremony showed the name of Kapil Mishra. There was chaos. Bluesbury pulled back. Garuda Publication then published. According to the news of the Indian Express, Kapil Mishra said in this event that we (in the Delhi riots) could not save the Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma and Constable Ratan Lal, and apart from that I have no more grief.

Kapil Mishra further said,

“The jihadi forces had organized riots in Delhi a year ago. The same pattern is seen even today. This is an example of what happened on Republic Day. Some mischievous elements have taken away the pleasure of the capital. They are getting help from anti-national forces sitting outside India and India. Everyone knows how the model works, from performance to rioting. “

Talking on the book, Kapil Mishra said that this book contains a lot of information about the perpetrators of the conspiracy. You will not find much about me in this book. Kapil said that he was questioned why he helped the Hindu victims, but behind the other side is Delhi government, Waqf board, media and NGO are all engaged.

But notice. Kapil Mishra, who is now saying that he can repeat the action a year ago if needed, told the Delhi Police at the time of investigation of Delhi riots that he had not given any provocative statement. Yes According to the report of ‘Indian Express’, during interrogation, Kapil said that he had not given any speech and he had gone there to take stock of the situation. It also said that their motive was to protest against those opposing CAA.

Kapil Mishra said,

” They protesters Delhi in trouble standing to want to So he roads jam up proceeded So he even riots such circumstances arise you answered We Ptthrbajhi not to do The DCP are standing in front of us You all people to hand over asked theSays to me that America ‘s President Donald Trump when the country in which we region to peace and to give it to you Then later if the roads are empty does not happen then we you police ‘s not listen We also roads on the go . “

But according to the police charge sheet, Kapil Mishra had told the police during the investigation that he had requested the DCP to remove the anti-CAA protesters from Zafarabad and Chand Bagh areas, else he (Kapil) would then go on ‘dharna’ Will sit

In further questioning, Kapil Mishra told the police that due to anti-CAA protesters, the local residents were having difficulty in running their shop and the children going to school. Even the ambulance could not get out of that area. According to the charge sheet, Kapil told the police, “The road was blocked by Muslims for two-three months. Muslim people kept an atmosphere of fear and terror there. “

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