Shopkeepers clash with customers in UP’s Baghpat, people taking fun on viral video

Baghpat It is a district of western UP. It is in discussion because a video is going viral. The video shows tremendous fighting. Some people are beating each other with poles in their hands. The video is such that people are making funny comments on social media. The video may seem funny to the people, but the police did not think so and registered a case and arrested 8 people. Tell you this whole story but before that watch this video-

There is a town named Barout in Baghpat. The video is from there. There was a dispute between the two shopkeepers. People on both sides came face to face. People kept fighting on both sides for 5 minutes. During this time, the hand that came in addition to the sticks, the cold, went on. Who is beating whom, will not understand, but beating is being beaten. The rest are watching, some are busy making videos.

Regarding the case, the police is telling that two shops of chaat in the market of Baraut are in the vicinity, they are equal. There was a huge dispute between the two about seating customers. The video is in the meantime.

Acting CO of Rawaut, MS Rawat told that the police have taken Tahrir on behalf of both. 8 people have been arrested, the rest of the investigation is on. Efforts are being made to identify the remaining people seen in the video.

After reading the comment, you too must have come to know that someone is feeling this video, then someone is expressing concern over the alleged growing mob culture in UP. Well, what about the people, the police is heard. The police claim that the situation is under control and there is no law and order problem anywhere.

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