Toolkit Case: What did the court say while giving bail to Disha Ravi?

Bengaluru’s Disha Ravi, who was arrested in the much talked toolkit case, got bail from Delhi’s Patiala House Court. On 13 February, Delhi Police’s Special Cell arrested him from his house. Now he has been granted bail on a personal bond of one lakh rupees. Disha Ravi is an environmental activist and is accused of editing in the toolkit that Greta Thanberg shared on her Twitter. The two other accused in the case are Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk, who have surrendered. Now the police want to talk to all three sitting face to face.

On Tuesday, 23 February, Disha Ravi has been granted bail by Patiala House Court with some conditions, including not leaving the country. There is also a condition that direction will not be tried by Ravi to destroy or influence the evidence and witnesses related to this case. Disha Ravi has been released on bail on a personal bond of 1 lakh. At the same time, they will also have to submit two surety bonds of one lakh each to the court. As soon as the court’s decision came, Disha Ravi and his family members in the court looked very happy.

What did the court say

Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana said in his order that there has been an incomplete and unclear investigation into the matter. Therefore, there does not seem to be any concrete reason, because of which the rules of Bell should be broken for a 22-year-old girl who has no crime history.

According to the Live Law website, while hearing the direction of the court, the court asked the police, what is the evidence you have collected about the violence on January 26? Is there evidence or do we just have to work on assumptions?

The judge said that creating a WhatsApp group, editing the toolkit is not a crime. No such evidence was found, which could prove the separatist thinking of the direction. In a democratic country, there is a public with a conscience. They cannot be put behind bars because they do not agree with the government.

Referring to a verse from the Rig Veda, the judge said that the 5000 year old civilization was never against the ideas coming from different sections of the society. He said that having a different view, not agreeing, disliking, are valid recognized tools of putting objectivity in state policies.

What was the whole matter

# Greta Thanberg shared a toolkit, tweet, in support of the farmers movement, which caused a lot of controversy, Greta deleted it after seeing the controversy grow, though later shared the update toolkit.

# The police had registered a case in this case on 4 February. Greta was not named in this FIR, but the investigation was linked to the toolkit itself. During this investigation, the police came to know about Disha Ravi.

# After reaching Bangalore, Delhi Police arrested Disha Ravi and brought him with him to Delhi. Here Disha was presented in the court. The court sent Disha into judicial custody.

# Police also questioned Nikita Jacob. Nikita is a lawyer from Mumbai. Some items were also seized from Nikita nearby and she was asked to stay at home. But Nikita left from there without being told. Later, he also filed an anticipatory bail petition.

# Another name that came up in this case was Shantanu Muluk. Shantanu hails from Beed area of ​​Maharashtra and works on environmental issues. Apart from Nikita, the police was also looking for Shantanu. Now the police want to talk to these three face to face.

# The police had said that the way things were said in this toolkit, the kind of action plan was mentioned, everything happened on 26 January on Republic Day. Significantly, there was violence in Delhi on 26 January. During this time many policemen were injured and a farmer was killed.

# The police had claimed that the strings of the toolkit case belonged to the Poetic Justice Foundation, a pro-Khalistan organization. The founder of this organization, MO Dhaliwal, had made a call to Disha Ravi, Nikita and Shantanu from his colleague Puneet. After this, there was a zoom call in which 60-70 people, besides these three, also attended.

# Police has sought details of all these people from Zoom. Anita Lal is also on the police radar in this case, who is associated with a pro-Khalistan organization, besides the resource mentioned in the toolkit, Peter Friendrich. The police is also looking for him and the police is also looking for Peter’s partner Bhajan Singh Bhinder.

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