What is the plan for the students after ‘Modi Rozgar Do’?

When you are reading this, in such a time a person in the country must have committed suicide for a particular reason. That person can be in my neighborhood, in my city, in your city or village. Someone can be a girl, someone can be a boy. Can be a young man of 20 years or a man of 35-40 years. In every hour, a new name is added to such suicides. Statistics increase, identity changes, but the reason for suicide is common. Every hour in India, a man commits suicide due to unemployment or money straining or drowning in debt. We get these figures from NCRB i.e. National Crime Records Bureau. And according to the figures of NCRB 2019, about 1 lakh 30 thousand people committed suicide in the country. Of these, 11 thousand 268, ie about 9 percent of suicides were due to lack of employment or due to poverty or debt.

And when we consider these figures of suicide, the statistics of farmers’ suicides also come into their minds. 8-10 years ago, farmer suicides were part of our discourse. There was a discussion on how to reduce the suicides of the farmers, there was criticism of those government policies, the debt arrangements that caused the farmers to commit suicides. Now, even more than the farmers, the number of suicides is due to those who cannot get jobs or poverty. This figure is higher than in 2018. The figure of unemployment increases, due to unemployment the figure of suicides increases. And increases the anger of those youths with whom there is cruel government joke in the name of job. Before elections, governments take out jobs, forms are filled, millions of young people of the country burn nights in preparation behind the promise of government jobs… and then many years are left in waiting for exams, If the exam is done then the results are hanged, even if the results come, then the government puts many obstacles in giving the joins… and the youth power which should have been involved in the creation of the country, they have to protest for jobs, social Hashtags have to be run on the media, you have to make memes to say your point. Governments still do not listen. And then the question comes to mind that what should be the first and foremost priority of our country, our government? The answer is found in the Prime Minister’s five-year-old statement. What should be the first and foremost priority of our government? The answer is found in the Prime Minister’s five-year-old statement. What should be the first and foremost priority of our government? The answer is found in the Prime Minister’s five-year-old statement.

When PM called the question unholy

Even after a year of formation of the government in 2014, PM Modi kept a vision to give jobs to the youth of the country. The foundation of which was on the fact that we have youth and jobs as well, the problem is just that youths do not have the skills to match the job. That is why the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana started to improve the skills of the youth. A ministry was also created for this. And then the country’s PM had shown dreams to the youth.

The plan was to train 1 crore youth by 2020. According to a report in The Hindu Business Line newspaper, till just few months before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, only 34 lakh youth got skills under this scheme and only 10 lakh of them got jobs. During the 2019 elections, when the Prime Minister was asked questions on the rising unemployment figures, he called the question unholy.

What is going on in Modi’s second innings?

The second term of the Modi government started from May 2019. This time the Modi government changed the discourse. In the first term, the youth was considered unskilled, the emphasis was on Skill India, and in the second term, it found flaws in the education system itself. And not after studies, the matter of giving skills as well as starting vocational courses has been kept in the new education policy. And how this will change the lives of the youth, the Prime Minister nowadays keeps telling on different occasions.

How much this system will benefit, whether or not it will be known when the students go through this new system. Let’s talk about the old system. What about those who are seeking employment after studying? The Prime Minister is saying that there is a flaw in the method of examination, a new system will be brought.


Now let’s talk about the millions of students, who are asked to get information about any new scheme from the government on seeking jobs. On 21 February, that is, on social media, once again on the issue of employment, the youth expressed their resentment against the Modi government.

‘#modi_rojgar_do’ and ‘#Bahananahimbhali_Chaye’ continued trending from Twitter to YouTube. Over 25 lakh tweets were made on these hashtags throughout the day. And what is the reason? SSC CGL 2019 Tier 2 Result became the immediate reason. What is this Tier 2 exam and what is the problem for the students, they will come to this, but first they know about SSC CGL. SSC means Staff Selection Commission. The job of SSC is to recruit for government departments. For this, SSC conducts three important exams. First MTS i.e. Multi Tasking Staff Examination. This exam is for the recruitment of Grade-C (Non-Clerk) in different Ministries and Departments. The second CHSL i.e. Combined Higher Secondary level Examination. With this, the central government recruits for the posts like Lower Divisional Clerk, Postal Assistant, Court Clerk and Data Entry Operator.

And the third is CGL i.e. Combined Graduate Level Examination. Through this, B and C grade officers are recruited in central ministries and departments. This exam takes place in four stages. Tier-1 and 2 exam are objective. Tier-3 is descriptive, it involves writing essays and letters. Tier-4 is a computer based skill test. So it happened that the Tier 2 exam of CGL 2019 was held on 15, 16 and 18 November 2020. The result came three days ago on 19 February. As soon as the candidates saw the results, the campaign started on social media. Candidates who are opposing the examination results say that the paper on 18 November was easy and the students scored quite well. Many had scored up to 200 marks in the examination. But when the result came, there was no selection of many students who scored well. Students allege that in the name of normalization, 15

What are the issues?

That is, it is the condition of SSC that it conducts an exam in three days, but SSC experts are not able to keep the standard of all three papers the same. And then SSC also has to admit that a paper was more easy than necessary. This anger of students against SSC was not just about the CGL 2019 exam. This was one of many reasons. Apart from this, issues like increase of seats in the demand list of students, fine and fair exam and waiting list are also included.

On 19 February SSC released the result. Three days have passed. Since then, despite such a huge campaign of students, there has been no response from SSC. When we called to know the SSC’s favor, we got a reply from the Chairman’s Office that we should talk to the helpline number. And the helpline number is such that it does not seem to be there.

It became a matter of CGL. The SSC had recruited a recruiter in 2018. Constable General Duty. In colloquial language, it was called SSC GD 2018. These recruitment was done for recruitment of 54 thousand posts of soldiers in paramilitary forces i.e. CRPF, ITBP, BSF, CISF, NIA and Assam Rifles. Which was later increased to 60,210 posts. There are three stages of recruitment, Riten exam, physical test and medical test. The application process started in July 2018. All the three tests were completed by January 2021. On 21 September 2020, while answering a question in the Lok Sabha, Union Minister of State for Home Nityananda Rai said that 111,093 posts are vacant in the Central Paramilitary Forces. In the recruitment of SSC GD 2018, there were about 85-90 thousand candidates who had passed all the three stages. And there were many of these people whose last chance was this. That is, due to the late completion of the recruitment process, they were overused and could not find a place in the next recruitment. In such a situation, the candidates of SSC GD 2018 demanded that when you have 85-90 thousand candidates by passing all the three exams and the seats are also vacant, then why can’t everyone be appointed? But the SSC ignored the demand of the candidates and released the final merit list for about 54 thousand seats. Apart from this, due to the difficulties faced in filling the Delhi Police recruitment and SSC CGL 2020 form, students also targeted SSC.

Now let’s go to the railway

Railway launched advertisement in February 2019 Jobs only. NTPC means vacancy of 35208 posts in non-technical popular categories. In this, posts are recruited like clerk, ticket clerk, goods guard, station master. The number of people applying for NTPC is around 1.26 million. Its examination was to be held between June and September 2019. At present, February of 2021 is also nearing and the first stage exam of NTPC has not been completed yet. You will remember how in September last year, students had demonstrated fiercely against unemployment. The result of this was that the date of NTPC exam was declared by RRB. The computer-based test exam of the stage started before 28 December 2020, which is still going on. After this, there will be a computer based test of the second stage. Then medical and typing tests. After this, document verification and then going somewhere will get appointment. Along with NTPC, the Railways also recruited Group D. Huge vacancy of 1 lakh 3 thousand 769 posts. Approximately 1 crore 15 lakh applications were received. The exam was scheduled for September-October 2019. The exam is proposed in April to June 2021. That is, it has not happened yet. SSC and Railways. This is the position of only two central institutes, where the youth are most likely to be employed. The state of the recruitment commissions of the state is even worse. Will talk to them again sometime.

If the priority of the country is not to provide employment to the youth, then it should also be now. The Prime Minister takes pride in the youth power of the country. Many things have been said from international forums that the strength of India is the youth of India. And when these young people keep their problems with employment, then the government does not pay attention. It is expected that the government will pay attention to the demands of the youth so that the power created from the future will not go in waiting for jobs after seeking employment, demonstrating against the governments and filling the form.

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