When the government officer took the side of the workers, the government said – why not give you retirement?

In December 2020, many workers protested in front of Forest Office of Pakur Division of Jharkhand. Around 250 laborers were not given wages for 9 months. After this, Pakur Forest Ranger Anil Kumar Singh had filed a PIL seeking intervention from the High Court in the matter. He had demanded to give about 10 lakh rupees to the laborers. The latest update in this matter is that the Jharkhand government has issued a show cause notice to the forest ranger Anil and asked, why should you not be given compulsory retirement to go against the government? Forest Ranger Anil Kumar Singh has been given one month’s time to respond to the notice.

According to Anil’s petition, the payment of the workers was stopped, because the post of Divisional Forest Officer in Pakur Forest Division was vacant.

Karan tell what in the notice?

On 17 February, Anil Kumar Singh received a show cause notice signed by Under Secretary Santosh Kumar Choubey, asking him to reply by 17 March.

In the notice, the results of departmental inquiry have been cited on Anil Kumar Singh. Questions have been raised about their functioning. It has been said that a team has seen Anil’s previous activities. Being a government employee, Anil Singh has gone against the government by filing a PIL in the High Court against the government. In the notice, Anil has been cited for indiscipline during his duty. It has been told that even after the punishment in two cases, there is no change in Anil’s conduct. In such a situation, there are question marks on Anil’s job in the public interest and it can be thought of giving him compulsory retirement.

What are the forest rangers saying about the case?

Talking to Indian Express, Anil said that the public interest litigation filed by him for the workers was in the public interest. I have been told in the notice that my compulsory retirement can be thought of in the public interest, but what I did for the workers was in the public interest.

Regarding the previous sentences in the notice, the forest ranger said that I was falsely accused, because I refused to give commission to my senior officer. I was charged that I filled fake vouchers worth Rs 2.41 lakh. Nothing happened to the man who filled that voucher, but I was punished. In another case, I was punished for biometric attendance, that too when I was in the field. The officers who were making inquiries in this matter also did not have biometric attendance. In both these cases I was punished and I went to court.

A secretary of the forest department, while speaking to the Indian Express on the condition of anonymity, said that Anil’s habits have to create problems. He cannot go to court for any issue, he should not go. Whatever the reason is good or bad. A government employee must follow the service conduct rules.

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