Wonderful display of women to shine ‘sexy tea’ shop

A popular company that manufactures beverages in China has had to apologize for misrepresenting women. The company’s name has been described as ‘Sexy Tea’. He introduced women as objects of ‘transaction’ on his new mugs. When it was called anti-women on social media, the company gave an apology while clarifying and also asked to withdraw the mug from the market. However, the history of the company suggests that it has used such controversial tactics in the past for selling and promoting its products.

According to media reports, Sexy Tea wrote on him to sell his mug-

“While you are waiting for your drink, you can pick up a woman in the meantime.”

Here ‘lifting the woman’ means lifting the mugs on which pictures of women are made. When people came to know about this, they started reacting strongly about it. The company later clarified that its purpose was not to insult women. The company also said that it is embarrassed about these new mugs and will take them back as soon as possible.

According to a BBC report, Sexy Tea Company had recently launched a local bid from China called ‘Changsa’ for sale in the market. This dialect is mainly spoken in Hunan province of China. The report states that these mugs were put on sale at 270 outlets in this province.

Changsa Dialect published a phrase on its mug.  This means a cheaper deal.
Changsa Dialect published a phrase on its mug. This means a cheaper deal.

According to the report of South China Morning Post, different idioms were written on these mugs in Changsa. One of these idioms means ‘cheap deal’. Outlet also showed how to use these idioms. for example-

‘If I want to buy bubble tea, there are many such beautiful girls available on the outlet. If you get such a girl, then you can tell your friend that I picked her up under a deal.

Here ‘bubble tea’ means women’s breasts.

A photo of a similar mug went viral on China’s social media platform Weibo. Users were very angry about this. People described it as a cheap way of porn marketing.

One user wrote-

“The phrase is not in itself derogatory. The company is giving examples like the use of these idioms, it is very inferior. Does the marketing team not see anything wrong with this? “

Outlett later wrote-

“We have used very inappropriate sentences. Even people speaking Changsa are angry with this. We are embarrassed. Our aim was not to insult women. “

This is not the first time Sexy Tea has used such phrases for marketing. Earlier, the company had printed pictures of ‘Tedpoles’ on their tea bags. The phrase with the pictures was written – ‘Master, I want you.’

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