What is Nitrogen-Dioxide, the rise of which in Delhi has stunned environmental experts?

Greenpeace is an NGO working in the field of environment. This non-governmental organization formed in 1971 is working in the field of environment in more than 55 countries. A study report by Greenpeace has come. Regarding India. It has been told that the pollution level of nitrogen-dioxide (NO2) has increased by up to 125 percent in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Greenpeace has prepared this report after studying 8 big cities of India.

The report states that in the year 2020, due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus, there was a reduction in air pollution in many Indian cities. But after a year, in 2021, there has been an increase in nitrogen-dioxide in 8 cities of India with a population of more than two million.

What is Nitrogen Dioxide?

Nitrogen-dioxide is a dangerous air pollutant that is released from the burning of fuel in vehicles, power generation, industrial work. People coming in contact with it can suffer from many more serious diseases including respiratory. This can cause problems with the flow of blood, due to which hospitalization may be required. (NO2) can cause an increase in mortality.

How did nitrogen-dioxide increase in Delhi?

Greenpeace has studied 8 cities including Delhi. Now let’s talk about Delhi. Here between April 2020 and April 2021, the amount of nitrogen-dioxide has increased the most compared to other cities included in the study. Up to 125 percent. Satellite surveillance has shown that this increase could have been up to 146 percent if the weather had been like the month of April 2020. What is also worrying is that despite the lockdown due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, there has been an increase in the emissions of (NO2) in Delhi this year.

At the same time, talking about other cities, there has been an increase of 94 in Chennai, 90 in Bengaluru, 69 in Hyderabad, 52 in Mumbai, 47 in Jaipur, 32 in Lucknow and 11 percent in Kolkata.

Along with Delhi, there has also been an increase in nitrogen-di-oxide in cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

Along with Delhi, there has also been an increase in nitrogen-di-oxide in cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

What do report makers say?

Avinash Kumar Chanchal, associated with Greenpeace’s study report, tells news agency PTI that the poor level of air quality in these cities is worrying. Cities and people are already paying a huge price for burning fossil fuels. Avinash said that it cannot continue as usual. They said,

During the nationwide lockdown, people have seen clear skies and breathed fresh air. Although it was a result of the pandemic.

Avinash further explains that vehicles and industries based on the consumption of fossil fuels are the main reasons for the generation of nitrogen-dioxide in Indian cities. He suggests that the local administration and the government should take the initiative to use public vehicles instead of private vehicles, which run on clean energy. Along with this, the corona virus protocol should also be taken care of at the present time.

How will nitrogen-dioxide be reduced?

The report suggests that eliminating the use of fossil fuels is very important to reduce air pollution associated with NO (NO2). For this, the central and state governments should work fast in the field of renewable energy. Should work in the field of wind and solar energy. Governments and common people should emphasize on public transport. Apart from this, governments should make bicycle and pedestrian friendly paths and tracks.

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