Delhi’s Lambu, who calls himself ‘Burjata Diya’, has reached close to Kapil Dev’s plummeting record

#Ricky of Patel Nagar, Delhi making Ricky Ponting cry

# Lumbu, a trial trial with Kohli, who did not play the Under-19 World Cup as he had to play Test matches in Australia.

# Team India’s workhorse, who can throw 20 overs without a tired day.

# The slowest bowler to take 300 wickets, who hunts without causing fear.

All these things started in the year 2008. The Indian team was on the Australia tour. After losing the first two matches of the four-match series, it was now the Perth Test. Indian Captain Anil Kumble won the toss and decided to bat first. India scored 330 thanks to Dravid’s 93-run innings. Australia was reduced to 212 in response. RP Singh had four wickets in his account. In the second innings, India scored 294 and Australia got a target of 413 to win.

Irfan Pathan disposed of Chris Rodgers and Phil Jacques cheaply. Ricky Ponting came to the crease after Rodgers’ tackle at just 21. Jacques also returned shortly after his arrival. Captain Kumble handed the ball to only 19-year-old Ishant Sharma as soon as Jax left. Ishant only dismissed Ponting in the first innings. In such a situation, bringing them was a small masterstroke.

# Bhatki Line and Length

Sharma’s first ball was very much outside the leg stump. The second ball was again on the leg stump, on which Ponting took two runs. In the end, Sharma was able to keep his third ball on the line. However, the same can not be said about the length of this off-stump ball. It was not too bad, but Ponting got a good shot at it and a little help came from Missfield. Three runs came on this ball. The next three balls were played by Mike Hussey.

Sharma returned for five runs in the first over. And from the next over, what he started troubling Ponting is that his stories are told till date. When the game ended on the third day, Ishant bowled three overs. On the fourth day, Kumble handed Ishant an early ball. Ishant’s third over of the day and sixth over of Ishant in this innings. He delivered Ricky Ponting’s sixes off five balls out of six.

Ponting kept giving wickets on every ball. But kept escaping. Wicket not found. Sharma bowled seven overs. What troubled Ponting so much was that the spell was recorded in legends. But the wicket…. Was not getting Half an hour was left before the first session of the day was over. Mike Hussey and Ricky Ponting had set. In such a situation, Captain Kumble and Sehwag called Ishant and asked – and will? In fact, Sehwag had advised Kumble that Ishant should get an over in front of Ponting.

# Yes, I will

But Kumble did not want to put a lot of load on his young Pacer. In such a situation, he thought it right to ask her first. So Kumble asked. In response Ishant said without hesitation,

‘Yes, I will.’

First ball of the eighth over of the spell to cut to Ishant. A little bit ahead. Freezing Ponting wanted to push it forward. But the ball went into the hands of Rahul Dravid standing in the slip kissing the bat. Ishant Sharma was not happy. The hard work paid off. This was Ishant’s only wicket in this innings.

That means if you look at the figures, then you will feel that there is only one wicket, what a chaos. But Ishant worked hard behind this wicket. Those who bowled wonderfully, they will know only when you have seen bowling. Ishant has taken 300 Test wickets. Statistics say that he is the slowest bowler to reach here.

But in these 13 years, how many Bollers came and went. Ishant stood still. Like a horse, carrying the burden of his convoy. Without stopping, without tiredness and without complaining. No Shun-Shun. No long talk. Just kept working hard. And also kept himself away from stardom. The year 2019. During a Ranji match, a PTI journalist tried to talk to Ishant. Ishant, who had played 96 Tests at that time, said,

‘Hey man, what will you do by interviewing me? I am given out extinguished.

Those who saw the figures also thought the same years ago. That Ishant has only extinguished one. An average of 32.60 in the first 33 Tests. Average of 41.34 in the next 33 Tests. If you look at these figures, you will also say that there is nothing in them. That’s right. From the point of view of these figures, Ishant’s career looks like this. But the next 33 Tests. That is, Ishant’s average from 67 to 99 is 23.42. After 2015, Ishant is bowling with this amazing average.

# And he became a legend…

According to Cricinfo, during this time, he has improved his two habits. First, now he does not bowl bad balls. And second- now he keeps throwing long and long spells without complaining. During this, they also control rungati. And for this, they do not even have to create any fear. In recent years, Ishant has also improved his action and fitness has been amazing. Ishant throws up to 20 overs in a day, which is not usually possible for pacers.

According to Team India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun, Ishant has also learned to use his wrist better with the help of Jason Gillespie. He now forces the batsmen to play using the width of the crease. At the same time, his art of swinging has also returned. The way he dealt with David Malan and Ben Stokes on the 2018 England tour. Any left-handed batsman will see him.

Ishant is now going to be only the 11th pace bowler to play 100 Tests. If you ever remove Jacques Kallis, who does not carry the load of specialist paceer, there are 10 names in this list so far. Jimmy Anderson, Glenn McGrath, Courtney Walsh, Stuart Broad, Kapil Dev, Sean Pollock, Wasim Akram, Makhaya Ntini, Ian Botham and Chaminda Voss. You will find every name of this list many times more dangerous than Ishant. And this is the specialty of Ishant. He played 100 Tests to his tune without sounding dangerous.

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