Apps can also open your secrets by viewing your location!

An app with a map in your smartphone needs your location. Without this, he cannot tell where you are on the map? Where do you want to go How far is that place from you? But there are other apps, which take up the engaged hands location. Zomato and Grofer ask for your location, so that you can show the same goods that can be transported to you. Similarly, weather forecasting app, event booking app and movie ticketing app also ask for location. But if you want this app, you can extract a lot of your information with the help of location-tracking data, that too without your consent.

It is not a big deal to find out from your location where you live and where you go to work. But do you know, your location history can give information about your religion, your habits, your interest, your health, your ethnicity and even your political views? According to a study, if you want to see your location, you can do so.

Who has done this study? Researcher from Italy’s University of Baloney, Marco Mousolesi and researcher Benjamin Baron of University College London, UK have carried out this study. For this research, he has also developed an app named TrackAdvisor.

What did the location reveal?

You will also get privacy in the application
You give your location information to the app at your own will.

Researchers installed the track-advisor app on the phones of 69 people. 69 only why, don’t know This app stayed on these people’s phones for 2 weeks and during this time it registered more than 2 lakh locations. Of these, the app identified about 2,500 places and with its help collected 5,000 types of personal information. According to the study, the track-adviser, with the help of location information of these people, ascertained their race, health, social status, economic status and religion.

Such a system was also present in this app, which used to give the option to the people participating in the study to check whether the information it has gathered is correct or not. With the help of this feature, the researchers were able to know how accurate and how private this information is. Mussolici said:

“Most people do not know that if they give permissions to the app, what can be its effect on their privacy, especially location-tracking information. With the help of machine learning, it gives sensitive information related to people, such as where they live, their habits, interest and information related to their personality. “

What can be done with this information?

According to your location, ad companies are already serving you advertisements. If these ad companies start removing your personal information from your location as well, then the ads coming towards you can become even more personal.

How can your personal information be removed from your location?

In the abstract of the research article and in the press release from the University of Baloney, there is no disclosure on how the track-advisor app collected personal information with the help of location data. But even this does not seem impossible. Where you are spending time from late night till morning will be your home, you will be working at the place where you are daily at office time, if your hospital visits are more intense then your health is wrong , Mosque-temple-gurudwara-church trip provides information about your religion. Perhaps with the help of machine learning, your location-tracking data can open many of your secrets.

Ever since WhatsApp has said that these and Facebook are now ultimate friends and there will be no secret between them, there has been a lot of debate about privacy since then. Some people are worried about their privacy, and some make a mess by saying what they will take after taking my information. We have talked in detail about “what to do”, which you can read by clicking here . This study adds a link to it, which shows the importance of our location history. If the information about our location is in the wrong hands, then there can be big losses.

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